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Rui Tang 
Head of Business Relations & Partner

Rui Tang is the Head of Business Relations at Dignari Capital Partners. She was previously with Enhanced Investment Products Limited (EIP), an asset management firm with hedge funds, long-only funds and ETFs. At EIP, Rui led all business development related activities including sales, marketing, investor relations, new product launches and strategic partnerships. Prior to EIP, Rui was a member of the investment team at Fintan Partners, a spinout from Stanford endowment. There, Rui spent 5 years specializing in hedge fund investments in the emerging markets for Fintan's FoHF portfolio.  Prior to joining Fintan, Rui was a management consultant with A.T. Kearney, where she worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies to resolve a variety of business issues.  Rui holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


唐睿女士是冰源资本的业务关系主管。在加盟冰源资本之前,​女士曾服务于易亚投资管理有限公司,负责统筹销售、市場推廣、投资者关系、新产品上市以及战略伙伴关系等一切與业务开发相关的活动。該公司主要从事對冲基金、长仓基金和交易所买卖基金的资产管理。此前,彼於Fintan Partners (史坦福大学捐赠基金的一間分拆公司)任職5年, 专职管理新兴市场的綜合基金投资。唐女士亦曾在科尔尼管理咨询公司担任管理顾问一职並与众多世界500强企业并肩工作,解决各种各样业务问题。唐女士持有麻省理工学院电机工程与计算机科学理学学士学位。