Dignari Capital Partners (HK) Limited is an investment management firm incorporated in Hong Kong and licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission in 2014. Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals who have previously worked together for numerous years. Having covered China "on the ground" since 2003, our team has managed through tough market conditions such as the 2008 financial crisis, as ​​well as built invaluable local knowledge, a deep network and a solid reputation as a reliable partner.

With continued support from our international institutional investors, we launched our flagship fund series, DCP China Credit Fund I, L.P. in December 2014 and DCP China Credit Fund II, L.P. in January 2018. The funds are a continuation of the team's prior work in the Greater China space. Going forward, we look forward to developing and adapting our business so we may continue to capture opportunities in China's ever changing financial markets.​​


Our vision is to create value for portfolio and our investors by capturing opportunities in China's inefficient financial markets. By bringing institutional capital from top tier international investors to high quality Chinese companies that are in need of funding, we are able to help companies achieve their full potential while offering our investors attractive risk-adjusted returns​. More importantly, we take pride not just in our ability to provide much needed capital, but also our ability to be a reliable partner. We strive to help our companies by leveraging our knowledge, experience and network in time-sensitive, complex situations.

Investment Experience

Since 2003, our team has focused exclusively on finding and creating value in the Greater China region. We have worked closely with companies in a variety of industries such as chemicals, oil & gas, retail, utilities, food & beverage, transportation, professional services, etc. Often companies seek solutions from us when faced with a complex or time-sensitive financial situation. In the past, we have invested in situations involving distressed assets, pre-IPO financing, platform acquisition, corporate restructuring, outbound direct investment, privatization and re-listing, mezzanine lending, convertible and high yield bonds, etc. We have developed a proprietary world​wide platform that covers deal sourcing, due diligence, structuring and exits. When reviewing each situation, we combine our macro, country-specific and sector-specific insights with company-specific factors. Our diverse experience and market knowledge enable us to quickly capture and evaluate investment opportunities, understand a company's need and design a robust suite of solutions that are tailored for the situation.

Our Difference

In working with companies through various unique situations, we bring with us:

  • ​​expertise in alternative asset management,
  • sophisticated knowledge in complex M&A, restructuring, reorganization for corporate and government on a global scale;
  • industry knowledge and experience such as energy, healthcare, real estate, financial services, technology, telecommunications, agriculture, transportation, etc.;
  • financial expertise from a team of experienced professionals with auditing and forensic accounting backgrounds; and
  • international experience, relationships and networks, including large international institutional investors who support us by leveraging their extensive global newtork​.

As a result of o​ur ability to successfully work through various situations, deal sourcing often comes via referrals and "repeat business". Going forward, we will continue to work with Chinese companies to find creative, sophisticated solutions customized for China's developing financial markets.

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